Philip Yorke (17431804) Squire of Erthig

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Philip Yorke I (17431804) Squire of Erthig

Eric Griffiths


ISBN 1-872424-47-3


Eighteenth century squires were not all cast in the same mould. There were wide variations between them as regards wealth, estates, dwellings, and life-style. Equally, their interests varied: estate administration, public life and national politics, the church and local community, the militia, field sports, intellectual pursuits each chose a different emphasis. Philip Yorke, however, was notable for his active involvement in all these spheres. In this book Eric Griffiths examines the squire's role as an 'improving landowner', a JP and church warden, an MP, a captain of militia and as an antiquarian and genealogist who wrote the Royal Tribes of Wales. According to the scanty comment of contemporaries, Philip Yorke wqas a paragon of eighteenth century gentlemanly virtues; he was benevolent, patriotic, cultured, a scintilating conversationalist and a classical scholar. In this book, which is based upon a critical study of his correspondence and other contemporary sources, the author seeks to discover how far this reputation was deserved. This book will appeal, not only to academics, but also to anyone interested in the eighteenth century and the history of north-east Wales in particular. It is an important contribution to our knowledge of the 'improving landowners' in Wales during the age of enlightenment. 220pp, 149 x210mm, softback, illustrated, indexed

Author Profile
Eric Griffiths was born in Nantglyn, near Denbigh, and educated at the local county school; the University College of North Wales, Bangor (where he read history); and the University of Leeds. The posts he held included those of history master at Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen, Bethesda, head of the history departmanet at Cartrefle College of Education and head of the School of Humanities and Business Studies at the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education. Eric Griffiths was the author of Squire of Nantglyn, also published by Bridge Books.

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