Pancakes & Prangs


Pancakes & Prangs
Twentieth-Century Military Aircraft Accidents in Shropshire

Thomas Thorne

ISBN 978-1-84494-087-5

Pancakes & Prangs – Twentieth-Century Military Aircraft Accidents in Shropshire provides a comprehensive account of all known military aircraft that came to grief in the county (approximately 700 incidents). Whilst most people are aware of the enormous price that was paid by the pilots and aircrews of all nations during the two world wars, many do not realise the heavy toll of airmen who lost their lives, not in action against the enemy, but during training. Shropshire, located away from the ‘front line’ of south-east England and the Channel coast, was deemed ideal for flying training and thousands of potential airmen from Britain, the Empire, the United States and the occupied countries of Europe came here to complete either their primary training or to acclimatise themselves to new aircraft or the weather conditions over north-west Europe. Pancakes & Prangs examines the details of every accident and provides biographical notes on the airmen concerned. As renowned aviation historian David Smith notes in his Foreword: ‘During the Second World War, Shropshire rivalled the eastern counties of England in the number of its airfields. Day and night, the skies were full of aircraft, the majority manned by raw trainees. As this book graphically describes, many succumbed to a variety of causes, ranging from collisions and bad weather to aircraft with tricky handling characteristics, even for an experienced pilot. For some, it was just sheer bad luck. Thomas Thorne … has ensured that these airmen and women and their misfortunes are recorded for posterity.’

Published as a short print run, Pancakes & Prangs will be of interest to Shropshire local historians, aviation enthusiasts, aircraft archaeology groups and family historians. 304pp, casebound, illustrated, indexed.



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